R' Noach Orlowek Shlita

Rabbi Noach Orlowek is a world-renowned Jewish educator, lecturing on five continents, predominantly in the areas of parenting, teaching, and interpersonal relationships. In several Jerusalem Yeshivos he gives shiurim on relationships and character building, as well as advising students on a weekly basis. He also serves as Mashgiach in Yeshivas Torah Ohr in Jerusalem.

In his more than 30 years of working with parents and students alike, Rabbi Orlowek has developed an approach to parenting and life that has been successfully adopted by the students that he has taught. He is the author of My Child, My Disciple, practical advice on discipline in the home; My Disciple, My Child, practical advice on discipline in the classroom; and Raising Roses Among the Thorns: Bringing up Spiritually Healthy Children in Today’s Society. He currently resides in Jerusalem with his wife and children.